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Sandra Potter sandra.potter at anu.edu.au
Mon May 18 11:59:23 AEST 2015

Hi all,

For interested postgraduate students.


IAG Pre-conference Post Graduate Day

*The Postgraduate Day has been designed as a forum for postgraduate
scholars to meet each other and discuss their research prior to the
conference proper. The Postgraduate Day will be held at The Australian
National University in Canberra on 30 June 2015, the day before the IAG
Conference commences.*

The morning of the Postgraduate Day will provide scholars with an
opportunity to participate in one of two workshops an Urban Geography Study
Group Workshop run by Nicole Cook and Sarah James or an Intensive Writing
Workshop run by Rae Dufty-Jones.

In Nicole and Sarah’s workshop, scholars in urban geography will be invited
to present their current PhD project in small sessions attended by academic
mentors who will provide feedback on research design, literature review,
interpretation and analysis. Please note, expressions of interest for this
workshop need to be emailed to Sarah.James at anu.edu.au as soon as possible.

In Rae’s Intensive writing workshop, postgraduate scholars are invited to
bring their draft conference papers to this workshop and use the time and
space to begin the process of building these drafts into a document for
publication. This 4-hour session will be an interactive session looking at
the way in which the benefits of attending and presenting at conferences do
not end with the last session but can be used as a productive launching pad
for building those initial drafts into a publication. Requirements for this
session include: a draft conference paper (for this conference or from a
past conference) and either paper and pen(s) or computer (whatever works
best for you).

Two consecutive panel sessions will be run in the afternoon. The first,
facilitated by Dr Inger Mewburn (a.k.a. ‘The Thesis Whisperer’) will focus
on getting a job after the PhD in light of her recent research. Two recent
doctoral graduates will then reflect on Inger’s comments in light of their
own experiences in entering both academic and non-academic paths.

The second seminar session will focus on ‘research impact’. This session
will explore what impact is, whether geographers should aim for ‘impact’
and how to achieve research impact. This session will include reflections
from Libby Porter, a geographer from RMIT who identifies as a
‘scholar-activist’; Steve Dovers the head of the Fenner School of
Environment and Society at the ANU whose research has a strong public
policy emphasis; and Nicholas Gill, a geographer at Wollongong with a
commitment to community engagement and a former staff member of an
environmental NGO.



Urban Geography Study Group Workshop
*Nicole Cook & Sarah James*

Intensive Writing Workshop
*Rae Dufty-Jones*


Morning tea


Urban Geography Study Group Workshop
*Nicole Cook & Sarah James*

Intensive Writing Workshop
*Rae Dufty-Jones*




Panel discussion: Getting a job after the PhD


Afternoon tea


Panel discussion: Research Impact: what is it, should we have it, how do we
do it?

Should you have any questions please contact the conference secretariat via
email to iag2015 at kaigi.com.au
Sandra Potter
PhD candidate, Fenner School of Environment and Society
The Australian National University
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