[Iag-list] book reviewers needed: Graeme Lay's James Cook trilogy.

Brendan Whyte obiwonfive at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 13 14:46:03 AEST 2015

"The Globe", journal of the Australian and New Zealand Map Society (www.anzmaps.org) is seeking 2 reviewers, one each for  volumes 2 and 3 of NZ author Graeme Lay's trilogy of novels about James Cook:

"James Cook's New World". 4th Estate (Harper Collins), 2014,  pb, 318pp.  [covering Cook's 2nd voyage of 1771]

"James Cook's Lost World", 4th Estate (Harper Collins), 2015,  pb, 366pp. [covering Cook's third and final voyage of 1775]

[We already have a review in hand for the first volume in the trilogy, "The secret life of James Cook"].

If interested in reviewing either title for us, please contact me offlist.

Brendan Whyte, editor

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