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September 21, 2015

May an old fogey ask in which direction the New Zealand Geographical Society conference would prefer to head?

 Two notices circulated via the IAG-list are at loggerheads. Dr. Ronlyn Duncan has invited a panel to discuss “Going Public” with geography, in the hope that critical geographies can demonstrate their “direct impact” on public issues.

 Heading in a contrary direction is Amanda Thomas, who has proposed a session on “Democracy in and from the Antipodes,” from which she excludes the “kind of democracy that is ‘unapologetically harnessed to the project of capital accumulation’.”

 Unfortunately, most Antipodean governments and the majority of their constituents appear to be addicted to capital accumulation. If geographers truly wish to influence the general public, shouldn’t they address these economic realities?

 I’m no more enthralled by the oligarchs and money-changers than the average geographer, but I do keep an eye on the stock market. 

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