[Iag-list] CFP: The politics of motherhood in the Neoliberal University

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CFP: The politics of motherhood in the Neoliberal University'.


This workshop aims to respond to Pauline Leonard and Danusia Malina's urgent call to shatter the silence in which mother-academics and mother-students are presently situated.
By building on previous work carried out by mother-subjects, it hopes to create a space for mother-academics and mother-students to speak our experiences so that we can come to "know ourselves and each other" and create the grounds of possibility for solidarity across difference.
This two-day workshop will be organised around four opening encounters/reflections spaced throughout the workshop given by our invited speakers:
* Faculty women of color: The critical nexus of race and gender
Professor Caroline Turner, Sacramento State (US)
* Teaching and learning like a feminist: Stories of experience in higher education
Associate Professor Elizabeth Mackinlay, Queensland University (Australia)
* How many papers is a baby worth?
Drs Natascha Klocker, University of Wollongong, and Danielle Drozdzewski,University of New South Wales (Australia)
* UON Mother Research Collective
Dr Sara C. Motta, Lara Daley and Suzanne Barker, University of Newcastle (Australia)
By making visible and critically reflecting collectively about our experiences as mother-academics and mother-subjects we can develop our understanding of the exclusionary conditions through which our academic labour is produced. We can also plant seeds through which we might nurture other ways of becoming academic, student and mother-subjects, and producing the University.
If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please send an abstract (up to 250 words) detailing the content and nature of your presentation to Sara, Lara and Suzanne at mothercollective at riseup.net by February 14th 2015.
More traditional presentations as well as participatory encounters and performances pieces are welcome.
Questions and themes we are interested in exploring include:
* Experiences of subjectification, exclusion or silencing which deny and devalue the mother-self.
* Experiences of splitting between the academic self and the mother self.
* Intersectionalities in the experiences of mother-subjects in contemporary academia.
* Institutional, symbolic, cultural and material barriers to the participation of mother-subjects in HE.
* Institutional, symbolic, cultural and material possibilities for the participation of mother-subjects in HE.
* Neoliberal logics and their relationship with denial and denigration of caring labour and subjects that care.
* Experiences of resilience, resistance and construction of other ways of becoming mother-subjects in contemporary HE.
* Pedagogies and epistemologies of care and their relationship with other ways of becoming (mother) subject in the University.

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