[Iag-list] Urban Economies of Australia: CFP @ IAG 2016

Thomas Sigler t.sigler at uq.edu.au
Mon Mar 21 13:32:18 AEDT 2016

The Urban Economies of Australia
IAG 2016 Session, Call for Papers
Study Group alignment: Economic Geography
Session organisers: Thomas Sigler, The University of Queensland; Kirsten Martinus, The University of Western Australia
Australian cities have undergone rapid change over the past decades in response to deindustrialisation, globalisation, and neoliberal restructuring. This has generated large shifts in the built environment through urban renewal and gentrification, complementing an already pronounced large-scale suburbanisation.  In terms of employment and occupational composition, restructuring has led to industry sectoral shifts and new competitive advantages, privileging knowledge-based services, information technology, and specialised consultancies and engineering firms.  Much of this expertise comes off the back of the most recent resources boom, as cities have developed niche services that complement extant clusters of more traditional producer and consumer services.

This session welcomes papers focusing on the urban economy.  The underlying theme will be the large scale transition to advanced services, and the concurrent spatial transformations this has produced. It is designed to include any dimension of Australia's urban economy, including -- but certainly not limited to -- globalisation; urbanisation of services; deindustralisation; World Cities; urban networks; and, neoliberal urbanism.
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