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Wed Jun 1 10:14:05 AEST 2016

We have the following to offer to good homes:

The properties and uses of selected map projections, Map I-1402,  USGS, 1982. 

Spiral-bound atlas:
Westchester county Atlas. Hagstom. 1988


A. Libman & E. Vinokurov. Holding-together regionalism: twenty years of post-Soviet integration.  Palgrave-Macmillan 2012. hb, 273 pp.

V. Yasinskiy, A. Mironenkov & T. Sarsembekov. Priorities for cooperation in transboundary river basins in Central Asia. Eurasian Development Bank, Almaty, 2012. pb, 232pp.

Journal of Spatial Science, vols 55 (pt 1&2) , 56 (pt 1&2) & 57 (pt 1), 2010-2012.

contact me off list if you would like any of these.

Brendan Whyte
National Library of Australia
bwhyte at nla.gov.au

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