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Dear colleagues,

We have the honor to welcome you to ReTES conference: the annual scientific event that Human and Economic Geography Department is organizing in behalf of Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest on:

“Re-shaping Territories, Environment and Societies: New Challenges for Geography”

The hosting institution aims to organize ReTES as a forum of discussions for geographers and all the specialists in the related fields. The organizers’ main objective is to generate a suitable environment for exchanging ideas and practice between the areas of applied research and teaching in both higher or school education.

ReTES is expected to provide the scientific context for debates on: relevant theories related to the current process Geography is undergoing: re-thinking its own paradigm. Therefore, the issues of geographical theory, philosophy or methodology are at the core of the event. In extension debates will focus on: space and place, natural/physical environment, global changes, economic crisis, environmental crisis, water crisis and global warming, policy development, political dimensions in developing societies, development forecasting, project implementation and field educational reform challenges for both, the Romanian environment and other European countries.

ReTES dates and venue:

November 18 – 19, 2016

Aula Biblioteca Central Universitara ‘Carol I”/ Aula of Carol I
Central University Library of Bucharest 88 Calea Victoriei, Piața Revoluției, Bucharest, sector 1, 010027, Romania

Details about the conference are available at: www.geo.unibuc.ro/geoconference/<http://www.geo.unibuc.ro/geoconference/>

If You have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Dr Ana Talos via email at conference at umec.geo.unibuc.ro<mailto:conference at umec.geo.unibuc.ro>
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