[Iag-list] Water: An Atlas -- Call for Maps, Round 2 is LIVE!

Brendan Whyte obiwonfive at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 5 10:01:04 AEST 2016

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Guerrilla Cartography is seeking additional maps to include in Water: An Atlas. We are also seeking map-idea submissions and volunteer cartographers to bring those ideas to life! (Upcoming submissions due dates: Sept 12 & Oct 31)

After accepting and editing a number of excellent maps over the past months and working with contributors from around the world, we have begun curating the atlas and are now accepting more submissions to fill in the gaps and round out the subject matter.

Please spread this message quickly and widely, and share on your social media networks.

SEE DETAILS ABOUT THE SECOND CALL FOR MAPS HERE.<http://www.guerrillacartography.org/call-for-maps/>

Thanks for your time and support,

- The Guerrilla Cartography Team

Guerrilla Cartography
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