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Dear colleagues,

We are calling for papers for a 'nexus' panel at the International Conference for Public Policy, Singapore, June 2017.
We welcome abstracts from colleagues doing critical nexus work in the Mekong - the deadline is 15 Jan. Details below.

Warm regards
Tira Foran & Toni Darbas


The panel T16P19 Engaging Critically with water-energy-food Nexus Approaches is reproduced below and can also be found here http://www.ippapublicpolicy.org/conference/icpp-3-singapore-2017/panel-list/7 .

Although the water-energy-food (WEF) nexus is claimed to constitute a systemic perspective, it elides extant (e.g. agrarian, patrimonial and patriarchal) power relations, the institutional architecture built upon those relations, and potential leverage points for changing both. However, distributional criteria such as ethnicity, gender, caste and class form thresholds that can be crucial, such as where 'losers' refuse to accept WEF informed policy shifts or development investments as legitimate (see World Commission on Dams, 2000). Critical enrichment of the WEF nexus concept, particularly from social science perspectives, has revolved around integrating such distributional considerations into WEF thinking (Leese & Meisch, 2015; Allouche et al., 2015; Middleton et al., 2015; Foran, 2015). However, WEF thinking remains largely water centric. The controversial topic of whether and how agricultural subsidies (for inputs, machinery, irrigation and energy) can benefit smallholders while preventing distortions of both social systems (e.g. by providing opportunities for 'leakage' and development of vote banks) and ecosystems (e.g. by encouraging groundwater mining) is yet to receive explicit attention from a nexus point of view.

We call for papers that explore the potential of the nexus as a paradigm to inform and support development interventions that achieve transformational rather than incremental adaptation to a climate changed and resource constrained future, and do so by transecting:

*        the water, energy and food sectors;

*        local to international scales of development decision-making; and/or

*        ecological and jurisdictional boundaries; and/or

*        civic, public and private (or society, state and economic) modalities of action.
In practical and theoretical terms, how can nexus approaches inform transformational development policy-making and implementation? Can nexus deliberations be used to spring poverty traps? This panel invites contributions to nexus thought from critical and exploratory perspectives, particularly with respect to gender, systems of knowledge production (e.g. modelling), agrarian power relations, and the political economy of nexus governance.

The call for papers remains open until January 15th of 2107: http://www.ippapublicpolicy.org/conference/icpp-3-singapore-2017/page/call-for-papers/20/7

To submit a paper, create/ log-in to your account and complete the online form with the following information

*        The email(s) of any other co-authors

*        The code of the panel in which you would like to present (or click directly the "submit a paper on this panel" button)

*        The title of your paper

*        An abstract the paper (from 300 to 500 words) explaining your paper project, your research question, your methodology and how it fits with the panel topic chosen.

The selection of the papers for each panel will occur after the end of the call for papers (15th January) and notice will be sent after 15th February.

If the proposal is selected, full papers are to be uploaded to the conference website no later than 1st June.

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