[Iag-list] CfP: State Commemoration in a Digital World - RGS -IBG 2017

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*State commemoration in a digital world*

RGS-IBG 2017: London, 29 Aug-1 Sep

Convenor: Shanti Sumartojo, RMIT University

Deadline for abstracts: *10 February 2017*

This session considers how new ways of understanding the relationship
amongst memory, state-sponsored history and national identity might be
possible in a digital world. In particular, it seeks to explore the role of
social media and digital technology at memory sites and during
commemorative events. This includes the forms and articulations of memory
that the digital can enable, the publics that might be reached, and whether
particular affective intensities can be brought into being by or through
digital technologies.

Papers are invited that consider different aspects of the politics and
experiences of state commemoration with reference to its articulation in or
transformation by the digital world. This includes research about the
digital – including digital technologies, social media or new forms of
representing the past – and research undertaken using new digital
methodologies. Given the 2014-18 centenary period, papers focused on First
World War commemorative activities are of particular interest. Topics might

·      The affective and atmospheric potential of digital technologies to
shape the meaning of official commemorative events;

·      Social media, identity politics and the circulation of affects at
moments of national crisis or tension;

·      The use of digital technologies at state-sponsored memory sites,
including social media, and the effect they have on official narrative
and/or visitors’ experiences;

·      How digital technologies might shape understandings of state
histories, and what alternate rendering of these histories might be enabled;

·      New ways of deploying digital technologies in research on collective
memory and commemoration.

The format of the session will be 4-5 short papers of around 15-20 minutes
(depending on submissions).  Please forward proposed paper titles and
abstracts of no more than 300 words to shanti.sumartojo at rmit.edu.au by *Friday
10 February* 2017. This session is sponsored by the Digital Geographies
Working Group.

Dr Shanti Sumartojo

Research Fellow
Digital Ethnography Research Centre
School of Media and Communication

RMIT University
GPO Box 2476
Melbourne VIC 3001

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