[Iag-list] Tim Edensor seminar 7 March 2017: Seeing with light and landscape

Shanti Sumartojo shanti.sumartojo at rmit.edu.au
Sat Feb 11 10:34:20 AEDT 2017

Seminar: *Tim Edensor - Seeing with light and landscape*

Date: 7 March, 2017
Time: 1.00pm

University of Melbourne,
Lecture Theatre 2, Basement level
221 Bouverie St, Carlton

In addressing the much-neglected contribution of light to the
conceptualization of landscape, I discuss how light circulates through our
visual system and around the spaces we see, refuting notions that we can be
detached from the landscapes that we view and characterize. Though we see
with the vital light and the landscape, our experiences are also invariably
entangled with prevalent cultural values, meanings and representations. By
drawing upon the experience of walking around an area of raised moorland in
England's Peak District, I suggest that the experience of particular
landscapes can be distinguished by the changing light that radiates upon
them and to which we continuously become attuned. By composing an
autoethnographic account that highlights key moments when its effects
seemed particularly acute, I exemplify the distinctive ways in which the
shifting light interacts with elements within this particular landscape. I
will supplement the discussion with speculation about the distinctive
qualities of Australia's light and landscape.

Dr Tim Edensor teaches cultural geography at Manchester Metropolitan
University. He is the author of *Tourists at the Taj* (198), *National
Identity, Popular Culture and Everyday Life* (2002) and *Industrial Ruins:
Space, Aesthetics and Materiality* (2005), as well as the editor of
of Rhythm* (2010) and co-editor of *Spaces of Vernacular Creativity* (2009)
and *Urban Theory Beyond the West: A World of Cities *(2011). Tim has
written extensively on national identity, tourism, industrial ruins,
walking, driving and urban materiality. Minnesota University Press will
publish his forthcoming book, *Light and Dark*, in Spring 2017.
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