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I am forwarding you the e-flyer below about the 2018 NLA Fellowships. These Fellowships are the Library’s most prestigious awards, funded through philanthropy, and provide researchers with intensive access and uninterrupted time to explore the Library’s rich and varied collections in a scholarly and supportive environment.   They are open to established and early career academics, specialists, independent scholars and other professionals, for research of any type supported by the NLA collections.
I’d particularly like to draw your attention to two new fellowships being offered -
The Fellowship funded by the Minerals Council of Australia -  The Minerals Council is keen to support research that provides historical, social or contemporary context and understanding in relation to its interests and activities. The Fellowship is open to professionals and industry specialists, as well as academics and independent researchers across a wide range of disciplines. Research may include such topics as the social, economic or environmental contribution of mining, public policy, infrastructure, innovation, science and technology, resource or environmental management and sustainability, Indigenous relationships, economic diplomacy, international relations, industry and trade, security, community engagement.
A Fellowship for Curatorial Research – is for research with a curatorial, museological or archival practice focus. This is intended to lead to enhanced public access, communication, exposure and interpretation of the Library’s diverse collections, including Maps.
I’d encourage you to bring this opportunity to the attention of colleagues and researchers working in these fields.
Applications for 2018 Fellowships opened on 21 February 2017, closing on 30 April 2017.
Guidelines are available through the flyer below. Or Contact: fellowships at nla.gov.au<mailto:fellowships at nla.gov.au>

No Images? Click here<http://nationallibraryofaustralia.cmail20.com/t/i-e-utpkjk-l-u/>

[NLA logo header]<http://nationallibraryofaustralia.cmail20.com/t/i-i-utpkjk-l-r/>

[Anna-Sophie Jurgens, 2017 National Library Fellow]<http://nationallibraryofaustralia.cmail20.com/t/i-i-utpkjk-l-y/>
Apply now for a prestigious National Library of Australia Fellowship.

Benefits include an honorarium of $1,000 per week for 12 weeks, travel and accommodation support*, privileged access to the Library's collections, staff and resources, and uninterrupted time for research.

What Fellowships are available?
Eight funded Fellowships are available across a variety of research areas, including:
•         four general Fellowships for research on any topic that makes significant use of the Library's collections
•         one Fellowship for research in Australian literature
•         one Fellowship for Japan studies
•         one Fellowship for Curatorial Research, available for the first time in 2018, for curators, museologists and archivists
•         one Fellowship supported by the Minerals Council of Australia, also new in 2018, for researchers working in a variety of fields including public policy, social research, international relations, resources, industry and the environment, and economics.

Additional Honorary Fellowships may be awarded to support research and special access, but without financial support.

Who should apply?

The Fellowships are suitable for established and early-career researchers from Australia and overseas, undertaking advanced research projects.

Applications close 30 April 2017.

Read the guidelines and apply<http://nationallibraryofaustralia.cmail20.com/t/i-i-utpkjk-l-j/>

*conditions apply, see the website for details.



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