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Hello all, 


Please consider our call for papers at this year’s Institute of Australian Geographers annual conference in Brisbane, 11-14 July 2017 - The deadline for abstracts in now  April 19th


Organisations Expanding the Boundaries of Citizenship 


Session organisers: Thea Hewitt (University of Melbourne), Nicole Cook (University of Wollongong)


In the last decade, everyday interactions between diverse others have been conceptualised as spaces in which the boundaries of citizenship are challenged, reinforced, and negotiated. Building on this work, this session focuses on the role that organisations can (and do) play in expanding the boundaries of citizenship.


Recognising the local resources of organisations such as local councils, libraries, drop in centres, advocacy groups, community health providers and more, the aim of this session is to explore the capacity of such organisations in enlarging or challenging the boundaries of citizenship.

These organisations are often sites of social provisioning and therefore warrant greater attention in post-welfarist, neoliberal cities. Whether or not such organisations can challenge regressive forms of citizenship and neoliberalist urbanism to foster an alternative politics of care are key questions the session aims to explore.


Suggested themes:


-          The nature of organisations involved in social provisioning for diverse groups

-          Capacities of organisations to foster an emancipatory politics

-          The spatial distribution of organisations; organisationally rich/poor areas

-          Organisational responses to neoliberalising logics

-          Organisational philosophies, values, and ethics: their nature and influence

-          Organisational networks


Please email abstracts to both Thea (thewitt at student.unimelb.edu.au) and Nicole (ncook at uow.edu.au) and submit through the conference website 


The deadline for abstracts in now April 19th



Thea Hewitt  BA(Hons) | PhD Candidate 

School of Geography| Faculty of Science | University of Melbourne

Building 221  Bouverie Street   Parkville 3010  Australia

M. +61 478 029 505 | thewitt at student.unimelb.edu.au


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