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Dear all,

The schedule for Day 2 of the 45th annual ANZMAPS conference has now been finalised (see below).
There is a great range of topics from historical cartography to the latest government mapping projects, along with the three M’s: Melbourne, murder and the map trade!

To register for the conference, go to

Remember that each of the 4 events over the two days is separately ticketed:
Mon May 22 a.m.:    Workshop - Mastering Google Earth Pro and old maps (University of Melbourne)   $40
Mon May 22 p.m.:    Map Preservation unpacked (State Library of Victoria)   $40
Tue May 23 9-5 :       Papers/presentations (Victoria Rm, Queen Victoria Women's Centre)      $80 inc. lunch & teas
Tue May 23  5-6 p.m.: ANZMapS AGM    free!

That’s 2 full days for only $160!

See you in  Melbourne next month!


0900-0930            Albertine (Alby) Hamilton & Marika Kocsis (State Library Victoria):             Meek’s Atlas: Conservation treatment of an oversized rolled chart

0930-1000            Melinda Clarke (The Melbourne Map):   Putting Melbourne on the map
1000-1030            George Mifsud (Vicmap):             40 Years of Victorian Topographic Mapping

1030-1050            MORNING TEA

1050-1120            Caitlin Buckle (UNSW):  Mapping homes: Using qualitative GIS to explore residential mobility
1120-1150            Dr Niall Johnstone (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care):               Developing an Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation
1150-1220            Dr David Forster (Geological Survey of NSW):       Statewide mapping of naturally occurring asbestos in NSW

1220-1320            LUNCH

1320-1350            Maggie Patto (State Library NSW):            Digitising our map collections – what now?
1350-1420            Dr Elizabeth (Bess) Moylan (TAFE Illawarra, GISP-AP): The status of access to regional historical maps: A Wollongong case study
1420-1450            Craig Molyneux (Spatial Vision): Abstraction to Reality: The Quest for Realism in Maps

1450-1510            AFTERNOON TEA

1510-1540            AP Dr Louise Steding (Swinburne Uni. Tech.; Stedinger Assocs):          Tracing Murder
1540-1610            Mark Bagnall (NZ National Library):          Mapping Wellington’s Wild West : Thomas Ward’s map of the city of Wellington
1610-1640            Dr David Fraser (ANZMAPS; MSIA):          The History of Map Trade in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania

1640-1700            PACK UP/ BUFFER TIME

1700-1800            ANZMAPS AGM

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