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Dear colleagues and fellow fellows!

FYI, please see the attached details regarding the upcoming TdLab Winter School for PhDs and Postdocs, suited to those looking to learn skills on TD and engagement. Please feel free to forward this information to your networks and/or social media channels, and please direct your questions directly to my colleague BinBin at ETH Zurich, coordinator for the winter school bin.pearce at usys.ethz.ch <mailto:bin.pearce at usys.ethz.ch>

Thank you and regards,

ETH Zurich
Dr. Carolina E. Adler
Institute for Environmental Decisions (IED<http://www.ied.ethz.ch/>) & Transdisciplinarity Lab (USYS TdLab<http://www.tdlab.usys.ethz.ch/>)
CHN H73.1 | Universitätstrasse 22 | 8092 Zurich | SWITZERLAND
P: +41 44 632 73 74 | carolina.adler at env.ethz.ch<mailto:carolina.adler at env.ethz.ch> | www.envphil.ethz.ch<http://www.envphil.ethz.ch/>


Dear all,

We are looking for doctoral students and postdocs from all over the world to participate in the TdLab Winter School 2018! For the 8th year in a row, our mission is to introduce you to mindsets, concepts, and tools which will enable you to work effectively on complex problems in society.

The need to solve complex societal problems requires the understanding and willingness to collaborate between scientists and  people outside of the scientific community.

In the TdLab Winter School, participants learn  how to collaborate effectively with stakeholders. This course not only offers the opportunity to develop transferable skills that enhance personal and professional development, but also actively contributes towards strengthening a genuine dialogue and knowledge exchange between science and practice.

The TdLab Winter School "Science Meets Practice" will once again take place in early 2018 (16-19 and 22-25 January), and applications for prospective participants are now being accepted. The TdLab Winter School is open to all doctoral students and postdocs of the ETH Domain, as well as other Swiss and international universities – however, places are limited!

To apply, please complete this online form. Applications close midnight CET, 20 October 2017. For more information, please see attached flyer or visit our website -http://www.tdlab.usys.ethz.ch/education/winterschool<http://www.tdlab.usys.ethz.ch/education/winterschool.html>. For any specific questions or further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at bin.pearce at usys.ethz.ch<mailto:bin.pearce at usys.ethz.ch>

We look forward to your participation!

Best regards,
BinBin Pearce

Dr. BinBin J. Pearce
ETH Zürich
USYS Transdisciplinary Lab (TDLab)
Universitätstrasse 16//CHN K76.2

bin.pearce at usys.ethz.ch<mailto:bin.pearce at usys.ethz.ch>
office:   +41 44 632 79 30
mobile: +41 79 130 68 12

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