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Gallagher, Aisling A.Gallagher at massey.ac.nz
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NZGS/IAG Conference 2018

Session Title: Markets in their Place.

Session Organisers: Stephen FitzHerbert (NIWA), Matthew Henry, Russell Prince, Carolyn Morris and Aisling Gallagher (Massey University) and Nick Lewis (University of Auckland) on behalf of the Making Markets Research Collective.

The geography of markets has become a key emergent sub-field within the discipline. To date this work has been theoretically and contextually diverse (and disparate), with several distinct theoretical trajectories, including neoclassical, Marxist and actor-network theory/science studies approaches, with limited engagement between them. Geographers have investigated the processes and consequences of markets in a diverse range of contexts (eg. finance, education, property, waste, childcare, policy or indigenous markets). However, while there is a burgeoning literature, many point to the challenges for this exciting sub-field (i.e. Cohen 2017; Birch & Siemiatycki 2016; Boeckler & Berndt 2012; Peck 2012). These challenges include:

-        Bringing together and generating productive encounters between opposing theoretical approaches;

-        Systematically examining the theoretical or methodological diversity with the geography of markets literature;

-        Exploring the role of place and space in the functioning of markets;

-        Escaping the 'placed-ness' of market examples in order to speak more powerfully about geography's contribution to understanding the variegated (or diverse) nature of market processes and consequences more widely in terms of macro-politics.

Importantly, the geography of this work mostly lies in the Global North (excl. Australia and New Zealand), as do the disciplinary conversations.

Our special session takes up the challenges set by these authors by bringing together geographers and other cognate social scientists to work through these matters. This session does not attempt to reconcile the different approaches, but rather it aims to generate conversations amongst researchers interested in markets. This will take the form of both individuals sharing their current work and collectively working through the challenges listed above.  What we hope to achieve in the session is to centre place in the conceptualization of markets, to generate productive conversations within this subfield, and in addition to highlight the contribution geography makes to theorizing markets in broader scholarship.

Apart from the paper sessions, we are also planning a discussion panel. Please contact Ash and Stephen if you are interested in being a lead discussant.

Please email paper title and abstracts (250 words max) to a.gallagher at massey.ac.nz<mailto:a.gallagher at massey.ac.nz> and stephen.fitzherbert at niwa.co.nz<mailto:stephen.fitzherbert at niwa.co.nz> by 29th March.

Aisling Gallagher | Senior Lecturer in Geography
School of People, Environment and Planning |  Massey University Manawatu
Private Bag 11 222 | Palmerston North 4442 | New Zealand
Ph: +64 6 356 9099 ext 83622

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