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Issue #83 of "The Globe", journal of the Australian and New Zealand Map Society has just been published, and features articles by three 'best paper' prizewinners from recent conferences.

The contents are:

Richard, Hélène
  "The Interest of French Cartography in the South Pacific in the Eighteenth Century". pp.1-11.
Buckle, Caitlin
  "Mapping migration biographies: Using Google Earth to explore migration at varying spatial scales".pp.13-30.

Hamilton, Albertine
  "Meek’s Atlas: Insights into the Care of Oversized Map Materials". [report]. pp.31-41.
Pearson, Michael
  "Lake Chiamay: Asia’s mythical mother of rivers" [report]. pp.43-62.

Book reviews:
  Collier, Peter, book review: William Rankin, "After the Map: cartography, navigation, and the transformation of territory in the twentieth century". pp.63-65.
  Rajčan, Adam, book review: Eva Novotná, "Jan Felkl & syn: továrna na glóby / Jan Felkl & son: a globe-making factory". pp.64-66.

Brendan Whyte, editor

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