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Thu Jun 7 17:47:45 AEST 2018

*Message from David Luke*

*To the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria,and Ms Julie Kesby,
Secretary, Institute of Australian Geographers.*

I had the privilege of working with the Soil Conservation Authority of
Victoria for thirty years from 1963.  During that period I accumulated many
reports and land studies, and other publications relevant to my career.  I
have described them in a little more detail below, and also have a more
detailed listing which I can provide if you are interested.

I am not in a position to continue storing these, and I am keen to find a
home for them in any organisation which may find them of some value.  As
you would probably understand, I can't bear the thought of them being
consigned to a rubbish skip, which could be their fate if I can't give them

To start with, I have what may be a complete set of the Soil Conservation
Authority "TC reports"; the land studies covering most of the State by
catchment as well as the Mallee report.  Also there are many LCC Study
Reports; the studies, and draft and final recommendations.  I have flood
and drainage studies; dryland and irrigation salinity management plans.
There are over one hundred CSIRO Rural Research magazines dating back to
1952; and a collection the Soil Conservation Service of NSW Journals almost
complete from 1947.  There are also teaching kits such as a folder with
three teaching units on Dry Land Salting; "Why Worry About Salt - salinity
slide set; "Rivers Changing Through Time slide set"; SCA's "Soil
Experiments and Field Activities for Schools".  All in all the equivalent
of six or seven milk crates in volume.

If you would let me know if either of your organisations are interested in
having these reports, I would be pleased to hear from you.  Alternatively,
I would appreciate it if you know of another organisation which may be
interested.  The documents are all stored at my home in Bendigo.

David Luke
David Luke <dbluke at bigpond.com>
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