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Hi all

Apologies to those not attending the NZGS-IAG conference in Auckland next week.

We just wanted to advertise our session on 'Methods Teaching in Geography in Aotearoa-New Zealand and Australia' (details below). Although it is not currently listed as such on the programme, it is running on Friday afternoon at 12:05 in the slot currently listed as 'New and Emerging Research in Cultural Geography Workshop'.

Our plan is to run this as roundtable. We will offer a few thoughts at the beginning from a lecturer's and student's perspectives, and then open it up to discussion. We particularly welcome any sharing of innovative approaches people are taking in their methods teaching.

We intend to record the session for sharing with anyone who comes along.

Thanks to all of those that showed an earlier interest in this and encouraged us to go ahead with the session, we hope to see you there!

Russell and Barbara

Session Title: Methods Teaching in Geography in Aotearoa-New Zealand and Australia
Methods teaching in human geography faces a number of challenges. With proliferating digital technologies and growing storage capacity research methods are rapidly changing. There is pressure to consolidate methods teaching across the social sciences at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The emergence of 'big data' claims to subvert traditional research assumptions as exploratory 'data mining' supplants focused research. Meanwhile the monopolisation of 'big data' analysis by various computational sciences threatens to colonise the territories of other disciplines, claiming journal space and research funding. This raises a number of questions for methods teaching in geography. What methods should we be teaching? Should our focus be on teaching students the ins and outs of specific methods, or increasing our focus on epistemological questions? What is distinctive about methods in geography? What is, or should be, distinctive about methods teaching in Aotearoa-New Zealand and Australia? Should we teach methods as specific undergraduate courses at all? What balance between quantitative and qualitative methods should we have? How can methods teaching enable our students to make use of 'big data' while challenging the shortcomings ignored during its rapid ascent? This is not a paper session but an opportunity for discussion amongst those teaching methods in geography programmes in New Zealand and Australia and those with an interest in this teaching to share ideas, thoughts and strategies.
Session Convenors: Russell Prince (Massey University) and Barbara Ribeiro (University of Auckland)
Keywords: research methods; methods teaching; big data; methodology; geographical research
Study group Sponsorship: IAG Cultural Geography Study Group
Estimated Number of Contributors: Group Discussion, minimum 1 hour session
Session Format: Group Discussion

Dr Russell Prince

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