[Iag-list] Wind energy: Congress session (1) and book project (2)

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1) Congress session

Please join us for the EUGEO 2019 Congress in Galway, “the festival capital of Ireland”, and participate in our session:
All aspects of uncertainty are of interest in this session, from wind pattern variability and wind power forecasting to market complexity, social aspects of change and regulatory frameworks concerning wind power. Please see session details in the Appendix section below.
The EUGEO 2019 Congress will take place in conjunction with the 51st Conference of Irish Geographers over four days, May 15th – 19th, 2019.

2) Book project

It is the intention of the session conveners to edit a book based on papers presented at this session as well as on chapter contributions from authors who do not attend the session. If you are interested in writing a chapter for this book, please get in touch (cristian.suteanu at smu.ca).

Thank you,

Cristian Suteanu

APPENDIX – Session description

Convenors: Cristian Suteanu and Adel Merabet, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada

Uncertainties still exist in the realm of wind energy as a renewable energy resource; however, though some sources of uncertainty have decreased or almost disappeared over time, other, new ones, have emerged.

This session aims to contribute to a clear and comprehensive intellectual space, offering up to date accounts of uncertainties and of current and innovative approaches designed to reduce them.
Papers regarding uncertainty aspects of wind energy are sought, such as:
1. wind variability from small to large time scales;
2. wind power forecasting;
3. wind farm modeling;
4. implications of climate change for wind energy;
5. impact of wind energy harvesting on climate;
6. wind energy integration in distribution networks;
7. social acceptance of wind energy;
8. health implications of wind turbine proximity;
9. financial risk of wind energy projects;
10. wind energy vs. market complexity and variability;
11. wind energy and regulatory frameworks;
12. wind energy, energy systems, and political power.

Interdisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome.

Conference website: https://www.eugeo2019.eu/
More about Galway: https://www.eugeo2019.eu/plan-your-trip

Please send your abstracts (maximum 250 words) to:
Cristian Suteanu (cristian.suteanu at smu.ca) by January 21st 2019.


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