[Iag-list] Call for Abstracts for a Special Session on Smart Urbanism at #SOAC2019

Paul Maginn paul.maginn at uwa.edu.au
Wed Feb 20 20:00:18 AEDT 2019

Dear all,

Please see below for details of a call for abstracts for a special on Smart Urbanism from Dr Ashraful Alam (Otago) and Dr Mohammed Swapan (Curtin).

Please send your abstracts and/or any questions about this special session directly to Ashraful and Swapan.




"Smart Urbanism in Australian Cities"

Academic session - full peer-reviewed papers session

Special Session Overview:
While human-technology interactions are one of the key elements of smart city making, they are also contested frontiers of citizen participation in the sense that technology and their associated infrastructures are controlled by a small number of global tech-giants. However, there are a growing number of smart technologies (e.g. Uber, Airbnb, Fitbit, lime-scooter, etc.) with which Australians are engaging on an everyday basis. In contrast to large smart city ventures, these smaller scale human-technology interfaces create new possibilities of living in and reclaiming the participatory right to the city and thereby, challenge hegemonic and technocratic smart city discourses. This special session invites abstracts that explore these everyday human-technology interfaces in Australian cities and key questions such as: What does it mean for smart Australian cities through the everyday use of technologies by ordinary citizens? What factors affect the adoption process of everyday technologies and how do people make uses of these technologies? What kind of participatory discourses do these interactions produce for rethinking inclusive Australian cities?

Topics of Interest:
Smart city, everyday urbanism, technology and urban planning, smart citizenship, citizenship behaviour, citizen participation, inclusive city

Session convenors:
Dr Ashraful Alam, ash.alam at otago.ac.nz<mailto:ash.alam at otago.ac.nz>,
Dr Mohammad Swapan, m.swapan at curtin.edu.au<mailto:m.swapan at curtin.edu.au>

City Social & Housing

Assoc. Prof. Paul J. Maginn

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paul.maginn at uwa.edu.au<mailto:paul.maginn at uwa.edu.au>







Editor-in-Chief, Urban Policy and Research

Editorial Advisory Board member of the international, peer-reviewed journal Policy & Politics at http://www.policypress.co.uk/journals_pap.asp

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