[Iag-list] Reminder: IAG 2019 CFP: Urban environmental transformations in the Asia Pacific

Sara Fuller sara.fuller at mq.edu.au
Mon Feb 25 07:48:29 AEDT 2019

Second CFP- abstracts due this week- Thurs 28th February

CFP: Urban environmental transformations in the Asia Pacific

Institute of Australian Geographers Annual Conference, Hobart, Tasmania, 9-13th July 2019

Session organisers: Ali Browne, University of Manchester and Sara Fuller, Macquarie University

In response to a diverse array of environmental issues such as climate change, resource pollution, energy/water security and food provision, 'the city' has been mobilised not only as a site for individual action and behaviour change, but also as a space of policy experimentation and infrastructure renewal amongst other features (cf. Bulkeley & Castan Broto, 2014; Evans et al., 2017). Urban transformations have been explored through a diversity of theoretical and methodological lenses, and typologies are emerging which seek to explain the variety of ways in which urban transitions, and environmental sustainability transformations, are enacted (Caniglia et al., 2017; Caprotti & Cowley, 2017). Such typologies reveal a lack of consideration of lived transformations, or human needs, within accounts of urban transformation and experimentation (Carprotti & Cowley, 2017), and fail to highlight how infrastructural expansion is often legitimated through the construction of 'urban environmental crises' (cf. Rogers et al., 2016). There is also a failure to imagine how experiments to deal with widespread environmental change might already exist outside of formal, instigated experimental processes (Davies, 2010), and are instead already housed and enacted within the individual and collective social practices of citizens, communities, and other groups (Head et al., 2016). There are therefore specific challenges regarding how and why transformations are enacted in specific cities, as well as a need to take more seriously the multiple ways that such urban transformations may be enabled, contested or resisted. This is particularly significant in the Asia Pacific, a region experiencing rapid urbanisation with many cities facing environmental challenges and where state-civil society relationships are shifting and fragmented.

This session seeks to reflect on the potential of both established and emerging frameworks to explain processes and patterns of urban environmental transformations in cities across the Asia Pacific region. We seek theoretical and empirical contributions that consider, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  *   What are the key environmental challenges that are driving urban transformations in different parts of the Asia Pacific region?
  *   How do individual and social practices coalesce with collective action as a response to urban environmental challenges?
  *   How are attempts to transform the urban landscape enabled and resisted?
  *   What are the moral and ethical issues that underpin urban transformations?
  *   What spaces of experimentation exist in Asia Pacific cities that sit outside the boundaries of the 'formal and instigated' urban experiment?
  *   Where relevant, how do decolonising, (post)colonial, intersectional and feminist lenses facilitate the deeper interrogation of urban environmental transformations in the Asia Pacific?

Please submit abstracts to the IAG conference website https://cdesign.eventsair.com/2019-iag/abstracts and also send a copy to Ali Browne (alison.browne at manchester.ac.uk<mailto:alison.browne at manchester.ac.uk> ) and Sara Fuller (sara.fuller at mq.edu.au<mailto:sara.fuller at mq.edu.au>) by the deadline of 28th February 2019.

Dr Sara Fuller
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Department of Geography and Planning
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