[Iag-list] Call for Abstracts for Special Session at #SOAC2019

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Call for Abstracts for Special Session at #SOAC2019
"Improving Our Understanding of Clean, Healthy Urban Environments"
Track: City Environment

Cities are complex, dynamic environments that provide for the well-being of millions of Australians. To ensure that cities are sustainable and liveable, it is critical that policy, development and design approaches include a range of perspectives. A key goal of the interdisciplinary Clean Air and Urban Landscapes (CAUL) Hub, part of the National Environmental Science Program, is to understand how we can make Australian cities better for people and biodiversity. To this end, the CAUL hub is interested in bringing together researchers from around Australia, New Zealand and the globe who are concerned with developing the evidence base and collaborative partnerships needed to deliver more liveable, sustainable cities.

We are seeking to engage with a wide range of contributors for this special session, including those who are not actively/currently engaged with the CAUL Hub. If you are interested in any of the broad topics below and would like to join us at #SOAC2019 please email your 200-250 word abstract to Bryan Boruff (bryan.boruff at uwa.edu.au) at the University of Western Australia for initial screening.

For the 2019 State of Australian Cities Conference CAUL would like to develop one or more special sessions, bringing together researchers focusing on the following topics:
     * Developing and implementing policies that support and enhance urban greening and biodiversity;
     * Measuring and monitoring urban vegetation, air quality and/or biodiversity;
     * Impacts of urban vegetation and greening initiatives on liveability and biodiversity; and
     * The social, cultural, ecological and health benefits of biodiversity in cities.

Please note that both fully peer-reviewed papers and extended abstracts will be accepted for these session(s). Submit your abstract to us for initial screening before 1 March if you intend to submit a full peer-reviewed paper or before 22 March if submitting an extended abstract.

Dr. Bryan Boruff, bryan.boruff at uwa.edu.au<mailto:bryan.boruff at uwa.edu.au>
Dr. Joe Hurley, joe.hurley at rmit.edu.au<mailto:joe.hurley at rmit.edu.au>

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