[Iag-list] AAA/CASCA CFP Environmental Knowledge as a path to Wellbeing

Luisa Cortesi luisa.cortesi at yale.edu
Wed Mar 27 00:16:21 AEDT 2019

AAA/CASCA CFP Environmental Knowledge as a path to Wellbeing
Organizer: Luisa Cortesi (Cornell University) 
Our quest for healthy living (broadly intended) is often articulated in terms of environmental knowledge and in juxtaposition to concerns of environmental justice, both through imaginaries built on environmental categories and through their critique. 
For example, the organic movement articulates food safety on the basis of farming practices that privilege plants and soil’s health. As a response, many of its critiques pivot on the limits of human-centered visions of wellbeing, but also on the inscrutability of the category, namely the inability to distinguish organic from inorganic other than through a system of bureaucratic certification that further diverges funds and attention from an embodied relation with plants and produce. Similarly, the discourse on ecosystem services diagnoses degradation in terms of benefits loss, and it has been criticized as unidirectional and built on economic (im)morality. Environmental health is often assessed through species-specific indicators that challenge its supra-species attribution. Yet human and animal interconnectedness has been revealed in a multiplicity of circumstances and forms, from the cross-species transmission of deadly viruses to lyrical accounts of interspecies care. 
As anthropologists, we are well-equipped to give voice to the experience of those who suffer, those who thrive, and most importantly those who correlate their wellbeing to their “emplacement” and their affective relation to the environment and its many inhabitants.
This panel seeks ethnographic-based pieces that address at least one of the following questions:
-How do we engage nature, broadly constructed, to understand health, and vice versa? How is wellbeing spelled out and provided meaning in ecological and relational terms?
-Is a perspective on interspecies' health and/or environmental justice conducive to, or moving beyond, understanding concepts of environmental knowledge as a set of embodied and relational ways of being?
-What does it mean to theorize the good-life in ways that remain committed to a future built on environmental justice, and at the same time reconcile situated perspectives to relational wellbeing? 

Please submit an abstract max 250 words by April 1st 5pm EST 
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