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Hi all,

The Cultural Geography Study Group is organising a pre-conference workshop
at the 2019 IAG in Hobart on documentary video, to be run by distinguished
Australian film-maker Molly Reynolds. The event is targeted towards those
curious about video and documentary, but perhaps not yet sure if it's for
them, or how to get started. There will be plenty of time for casual
discussion and, as always, our pre-conference workshops are a particularly
great chance for new graduate students to meet some friendly faces before
the conference begins. There will also be enough time to stroll from the
event to the conference's opening plenary at 5pm.

The workshop is free (generously sponsored by the IAG) and geographers from
all subdisciplines are welcome. RSVP and details below.

Best wishes,

Cultural Geography Study Group convenors

*Documentary Workshop with Australian Film-Maker Molly Reynolds*
Tuesday July 9, 2019, 10am – 4pm, at The University of Tasmania, Hobart
At the Institute of Australian Geographers Annual Conference

Organised by the Cultural Geography Study Group

A practical workshop on documentary-making with Australian film-maker and
cross-platform storyteller Molly Reynolds, whose documentaries (including
Another Country, Twelve Canoes) have played at leading film festivals
around the world. Molly has worked and filmed extensively with the Yolngu
people of Ramingining in the Northern Territory, producing a suite of
award-winning documentary films and other screen-based media on changing
life in the region. The workshop aims to have a practical focus, for
geographers interested in incorporating documentary productions and
techniques in their research. Full event details at:

The workshop is free and geographers from all subdisciplines welcome.
Please RSVP by Friday June 14 to Vickie Zhang <vzhang at student.unimelb.edu.au

The day will be presented in three parts, with breaks in between to discuss
ideas and mingle.

SESSION 1: I Want to Make a Documentary: How?
10.00 - 11.30am
This session is a wide-ranging discussion on how to get started. It will
include ways to craft an idea into a strong concept, considerations for
sound and camera in the field, choosing post-production pathways, working
with talent, finding an audience, containing costs and general rules of

SESSION 2: Defining Moments in Documentary
12.00 – 1.30pm
An eclectic collection of shots and scenes that speak to the influences on
and potency of the documentary form will be screened and discussed. What
makes these images powerful and, in turn, resonate with audience?
Philosophical topics such as at what point does the observer become the
participant will be mooted.

SESSION 3: Meet the Makers
2.30 – 4pm
A panel discussion with Geographers who have been bold enough to make a
documentary. We will explore the intersection between their work and
film-making and find out about lessons learnt.

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