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TIMOR LESTE STUDIES ASSOCIATION MAILING LIST Movimentu Letras (the Reading for Social Transformation Movement) has established a library on the grounds of the Luta Hamutuk office in Farol. They've organised a number of reading/discussion groups on literature/social theory/history etc, "occupy" public spaces for reading sessions, and they (along with the Social Science and Humanities Network) are publishing a Tetun language social science and humanities journal. Movimentu Letras would very much appreciate any contributions to their library from visiting academics. They'll happily receive books/texts in English, Portuguese, Indonesian, and of course Tetun, about any topics related to Timor-Leste, as well as more general social science and humanities texts (incl. history, philosophy, social theory, literature, art, feminism, etc.). 

If any visiting researchers can fit a few extra books (secondhand is fine) in their bags to donate to the Movimentu Letras library (along with anywhere else they donate publications to, such as the Peace Centre at UNTL), that would be fantastic. Donated books can be brought to the TLSA conference office at UNTL. Any questions can be addressed directly to the movement at: movimentuletras at gmail.com 

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