[Iag-list] Anthropology at Deakin podcast Ep #24: NAISA 2019 with Heather Dorries, Robert Henry and Willi Lempert

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Tue Sep 3 07:58:45 AEST 2019

Episode #24 features two conversations recorded at the Native American and
Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) annual meeting, which was hosted at
the University of Waikato in Aotearoa New Zealand. The first interview is
with geographer Heather Dorries (University of Toronto) and sociologist
Robert Henry (University of Calgary), two of the editors of the forthcoming
collection 'Settler City Limits: Indigenous Resurgence and Colonial
Violence in the Urban Prairie West'. The second interview is with
anthropologist William Lempert (Bowdoin College), an ethnographer and
filmmaker, and editor of the 2018 special issue of Cultural Anthropology on
'Indigenous Media Futures'. How to summarise all this? It's impossible!
Colonialism and land planning, the erasure of urban Indigenous life, the
search for extraterrestrial life, and so much more. Our thanks to the
Native American and Indigenous Studies Association for support for this

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