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Call for papers
Session theme: The geography of the post-pandemic economy
Organisers: The session is jointly organised by the economic geography study groups in Australia and New Zealand
The session - The geography of the post-pandemic economy - will collect the stories of the economic geography of COVID-19 from an Australian and New Zealand perspective as a way of understanding what has happened, appraising the impacts, and identifying possible pathways into the future. Papers presented will not necessarily be based on research initiated by COVID-19 and its economic impact, as we explain below, although such targeted research is certainly welcome. In general, we are interested in hearing how the economic sectors, agents and events being researched as a matter of course have been affected, if at all, by the pandemic and its economic impacts in an Australian and New Zealand context. And we are interested in how the dynamics of the economies in our broad region may change into the future, as a consequence of the 'virus' effect.
Accordingly, we anticipate the session being subdivided three ways.

Group 1: The problems going into the pandemic/recession are the problems coming out
Here, we will hear papers into, say, climate change, energy policy, agriculture and trade, financialisation and sustainability, and how matters may not have been changed by COVID-19 events. The session might hear why there has been little impact and what this reveals about the issue under consideration.

Group 2: The pandemic/recession has added new dimensions to an issue.
In this group, we might hear accounts of how a particular issue or problem has taken on new features as a consequence of COVID-19 events. Examples might include: how the distribution of jobs in cities has been altered by reformations of CBD economies, new suburban activity and changed attitudes to working from home; how urban hierarchies or economic sectors have responded to drastic changes to international connections and movements; how vulnerable workers in the gig economy and care sectors have confronted different types of labour demand; and how a newly configured national scale of governance is altering the regulatory landscape.

Group 3: Innovation and redundancy have accelerated in unanticipated ways
In this group, presenters might show how rates and directions of economic change have proceeded in novel ways. Examples might include: shifts in the economies of Australia's and New Zealand's non-metropolitan, rural, and mining regions; the break-through moments in the mobilisation of digitisation across many economic sectors: the emergence of new service delivery models; major shifts in the operation of professional services sectors; and new ways that governments are prepared to co-invest with, and offer support to, new enterprises and emerging sectors.

It is anticipated that the session will commence with an address by an invited speaker of renown, and conclude with an interactive panel where common themes and research directions can be explored. Negotiations are underway for papers to be collected for a journal special issue.

Offers of papers should be forwarded to one or all of the organisers (listed below) by COB Thursday 25 March, in time for final submission to the conference secretary the following week. Please include author name(s), affiliation(s), email and mobile contacts, title and abstract.

Questions regarding this CFP can also be sent to any of the organisers.

Acting on behalf of the IAG Economic Geography Study Group
Phillip O'Neill p.oneill at westernsydney.edu.au<mailto:p.oneill at westernsydney.edu.au>
Kirsten Martinus kirsten.martinus at uwa.edu.au<mailto:kirsten.martinus at uwa.edu.au>
Acting on behalf of the NZGS Economic Geography Study Group
Nick Lewis n.lewis at auckland.ac.nz<mailto:n.lewis at auckland.ac.nz>

Phillip O'Neill (Prof.)
8 February 2021

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