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*Call for Applications: *
*AusSTS 2021: Situated Practice — A multi-sited workshop*
*24th June –  25th June 2021*

*Full details:*

 “Knowledge is embedded in projects; knowledge is always *for*, in many 
sense, some things and not others, and knowers are always formed by their 
projects, just as they shape what they can know” 

Donna Haraway, *Morphing in the Order*

 As STS researchers, we are taught to see science as a situated practice — 
something that is tied to knowledge and power, radically historically 
specific, and irreducibly social and political. We understand that science, 
like all practices, is contingent on the social and material forces that 
circumscribe possibility and action. Yet, at times, we struggle to 
articulate how our research practice too is a situated practice. 

We know that research is unruly. No matter how much we propose and plan, no 
matter what timelines and techniques we use to discipline ourselves into 
writing, the social and material forces (otherwise known as life) have a 
unique way of acting back. For many, 2020 and now 2021 have been a humbling 
experience into what it means to continue our practices in situations we 
had not expected. While some of us had planned to situate ourselves 
elsewhere — conducting fieldwork, attending conferences, etc — others have 
found that once familiar situations are now vastly different. 

While the pandemic may have introduced a set of limitations for organising 
large gatherings (like a national workshop), it also offers us a unique 
chance to reflect on how our practices are shaped by the places we find 
ourselves in. This pause also offers us an opportunity to explore the 
concrete possibilities for the future of sustainable conferencing 

The AusSTS interdisciplinary workshop is an annual, multi-day, 
multi-disciplinary event that brings together STS researchers from across 
Australasia. This year’s workshop will be hosted as a multi-sited event, 
with shared online keynotes and local (read: “situated”) meetup events. The 
workshops are designed for postgraduate students and ECR researchers 
interested in STS, and will include a variety of activities including 
keynote events, short presentations from HDRs and ECRs, field trips, and 
*Confirmed Keynote Speakers*

Keynote Lecture: Professor Michelle Murphy, University of Toronto 

Keynote Conversation Event: Professor Kane Race, University of Sydney 
 with Associate Professor Anne Galloway, Victoria University of Wellington 
*Structure, cost, and accessibility*

This year’s workshop is a multi-sited, face-to-face event that will take 
place across four locations. Registration costs will vary depending on the 
events planned at each location:

   - Melbourne 
   - Sydney
   - Darwin*
   - Wellington 

We ask participants to apply to attend *one* of these face-to-face 
locations. All sites will take part in shared online keynote presentations 
on Day 1 and 2. Each site will then host their own set of activities 
ranging from short presentations, workshops, and field trips. Some sites 
will have limited numbers based on the activities planned, so do not delay 
your application. 

We endeavour to make all face-to-face venues accessible for our 
participants. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any 
questions regarding accessibility requirements or have specific venue 
accessibility requests. 

All keynote events will be free and live streamed on YouTube Live for those 
who are unable to attend the workshop in-person. 

**Please note that Darwin will not be hosting short presentations but will 
instead organise alternate activities for participants*

 *Submission guidelines:*

This workshop departs from the traditional symposia format of long papers 
and short discussion. Participants can expect to present a short paper 
consisting of a question, problem or provocation and take part in panel 
discussions and cross-disciplinary dialogues. 

We invite postgraduate and early career researchers (ECRs) from all 
disciplines and areas of expertise to apply: life, environmental and 
materials science, social sciences and humanities, artists, social 
activists, and other practitioners. 

 To apply, you will need to submit a proposal for a *5-minute presentation* at 
the workshop on any topic that relates to the theme of ‘situated practice’. 

Proposals must include a title, 250 word abstract, 5 keywords, and a short 
presenter bio. 

To submit a proposal complete the online application form 
<https://forms.gle/AWgrujYdeVDwQtW69>. The deadline for proposals is *Friday, 
April 30th*.  

For questions or enquiries please contact Thao Phan at 
thao.... at deakin.edu.au

You can also find us on Twitter at @AusSTSgrad using the hashtag #AusSTS2021
*Overview of activities for each location:*


*Organising committee: Kari Lancaster, Sophie Adams, Mia Harrison, Matthew 

The Sydney AusSTS event will be split over two days, each beginning at the 
UNSW Kensington campus. Day 1 will include the opening keynote, short 
presentations from HDRs and ECRs, a special object-based learning event at 
the Chau Chak Wing Museum <https://www.sydney.edu.au/museum/about-us.html> at 
the University of Sydney, and a social event in the evening. Day 2 will 
include the conversation keynote, short presentations, and opportunities 
for networking and engagement. Further details will be announced closer to 
the date. Estimated cost to attend is $30 – $40.


*Organising committee: Thao Phan, Emma Kowal, Timothy Neale*

The Melbourne AusSTS event will be split over two days. Day 1 will be 
hosted at CERES Community Environment Park <https://ceres.org.au/> and will 
include the opening keynote event, short presentations from HDRs and ECRs, 
and an evening social event. Day 2 will include the conversation keynote 
and a field trip to the Werribee Western Treatment Plant (TBC). More 
details will be announced closer to the date. Estimated cost to attend is 
$50 – $80 and will include field trip transport on day 2.


*Organising committee: Matt Barlow, Cathy Bow, Kelly Lee Hickey, Kirsty 
Howey, Jen Macdonald, Michaela Spencer*

The Darwin AusSTS event will take place as three public events, spread from 
Thursday- Saturday: a walkshop tracing a series of encounters along 
Gurambai/Rapid Creek; a film night on the Darwin foreshore with the 
Gapuwiyak-based Arts collective Miyarrka Media <https://miyarrkamedia.com/>; 
and a food sharing workshop exploring reciprocities and connections within 
the Gurambai catchment. Registration for events will be through their own 
eventbrite page, and costs are expected to range from FREE to $15. 

*Wellington *

*Organising committee: Courtney Addison, Max Soar*

The Wellington AusSTS event will take place over two days in the central 
city and surrounds. Day 1 will include the opening keynote and short 
presentations from HDRs and ECRs, followed by an evening social event. The 
second day will include the conversation keynote event and a field trip (to 
be confirmed) exploring the conference theme of situated practice. We will 
endeavour to keep costs to a minimum, but please expect a small 
registration fee (less than $40) so we can ensure everyone is well fed.
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