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Hi all
As some of you will be aware, we face the unprecedented prospect of there being three International Geographical Congresses over the next five years. International Geographical Union (IGU) Congresses are normally scheduled on a 4-year cycle but the combination of COVID-19 and the rescheduling of the 2020 IGC; the celebration of the IGU's 100th anniversary in 2022; and then the regularly scheduled 2024 Congress mean that we shall now have Congresses in 2021 (Istanbul<https://www.igc2020.org/en/>), 2022 (Paris), and 2024 (Dublin). And importantly for Australian and NZ geographers, the 2028 Congress is going to be held in Melbourne.
It would be wonderful to see as many people as possible attending these Congresses, which typically attract 2000-4000 attendees from around the planet. And it would be great to see more geographers from Australia and New Zealand actively involved in the extensive range of IGU activities and contributing to the helpful scholarly alliances and opportunities IGU can offer. Of course, this invites the question "how do I become involved in - or to 'join' - the International Geographical Union<https://igu-online.org/> (IGU)? I thought I would try to help clarify this.
While formal membership of the IGU is by country, individual affiliation (as a so-called 'Corresponding Member') is possible via any of the IGU's many Commissions and Task Forces. Joining Commissions/Task Forces is easy; it is free; and it requires no particular commitment - though some commitment to the Commission's work is welcomed of course!
The IGU has more than 40 Commissions (and three Task Forces). Commissions are groupings of geographers interested in particular aspects of the discipline. Their subject areas include, for example, Biogeography and Biodiversity; Coastal Systems; Cultural Approach in Geography; Gender and Geography: Care, Connection and Change; Geographical Education..... IGU Commissions and Task Forces cover a very broad range of themes that constitute the discipline of Geography.
Commissions might be imagined to be rather like semi-autonomous geographical societies each working under the IGU umbrella, each with a Chair and a Steering Committee, and each with its own book and journal publications, conferences, meetings and workshops (often around major IGU events), communications media and so on.
To join a Commission or Task Force - or several if you wish - simply email the relevant Chair and let them know you would like to be put on their list of Corresponding Members. You can find a full list of all the IGU Commissions and Task Forces with details of contact persons and website addresses here<https://igu-online.org/organization/commissions/>
Please "do yourself a favour" and make the most of the remarkable international collaborations and networks IGU offers!
With kind regards
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