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Wed Sep 8 02:57:55 UTC 2021

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Dear colleagues

A forthcoming event that may be of interest as part of the Festival of Urbanism

Urban Undercurrents: The Hidden Infrastructure of Wild Cities -17/9/21@ 4:00 -5:15 pm

Outline: A panel that roams, tracing the human and more-than-human entanglements of what lies beneath the city and its culture/natures. Artistic intervention, speculative proposition, community discussion— inviting the audience into an experience of the city’s metaphoric and literal  subterranea. What happens when climate action goes underground? How do government and industry agendas reverberate beneath our feet? What are the wild undercurrents and hidden infrastructures coursing all around—how do we encounter feral ecologies, contaminated creativity and stray ethics? And how do we make space for conversations and rituals that create the conditions for regeneration and wild life?

A/Prof Wendy Steele (Urban Research)
Prof David Carlin (Creative Writing)
Dr Fiona Hillary (Art in Public Space)
Dr Jordan Lacey  (Soundscape Design)
Aviva Reed (Visual Ecologist), in collaboration with
KERB Journal of Landscape Architecture), the PhD Research Praxis Collective (RMIT/Monash) and Master of Public Arts students (RMIT).

Register here - http://www.festivalofurbanism.com/
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