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The latest issue (#90) of  “The Globe”, journal of the Australian and New Zealand Map Society (ANZMapS) is now published.

This issue’s contents are:

  Why map whales? / Stephen Martin   1-8

  Mapping the Spice Islands / Simon Pratt   9-14

  Johannes Kepler and Australia / Robert J. King   15-24

  A Latent Chart of the South Pacific in Les Voyages Auantureux (1559) by Jean Alfonse / Andrew Eliason                  25-37

  What kept you so long? The islands that sidetracked Laperouse / Margaret Cameron-Ash                38-44

  Cobbett’s Cartography: identifying the map from his 1826 Rural Ride down the Vale of Avon / Brendan Whyte   45-61

  Mapping Cobbett: maps of the six excursions made by William Cobbett in his Rural Rides (1830) / Brendan Whyte   62-79

Book Reviews   80-84

   Lance Pritchard, Hume and Hovell Expedition Termination, reviewed by Greg Eccleston

   Simon Pratt, Spice Islands Forts – An Illustrated History and Catalogue, reviewed by Ian Burnet

   Robert Clancy, The Long Enlightenment: Australian science from its beginning to the mid-20th century, reviewed by Chong-Wah Liew

Membership of ANZMapS includes 2 issues of The Globe per year. https://www.anzmaps.org/membership/

Individual issues can normally be purchased via https://www.anzmaps.org/back-issues/  however, we are currently having technical issues with our online shop. Contact me directly.

Brendan Whyte, editor

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