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Please find attached information about the Warsaw Regional Forum, an international meeting of relevance to Geographers and which will take place in October this year; kindly circulate to those potentially interested.


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Marek Degorski


Prof. zw. dr hab. Marek Degórski


Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization

Polish Academy of Sciences

00-818 Warszaw, Poland

Twarda 51/55

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From: Piotr Siłka [mailto:psilka@twarda.pan.pl]
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To: Marek Degorski
Subject: [Fwd: Invitation - WARSAW REGIONAL FORUM 2015]


Dear Sir or Madam

Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences; Ministry of Infrastructure and Development; Polish Geographical Society;
organize international conference WARSAW REGIONAL FORUM 2015 - "Territorial uncertainty and vulnerability as a challenge for urban and regional policy".

This year’s Forum will be focused on the
concept of territorial uncertainty and vulnerability based on a foundation of different sciences across multiple disciplines
(geography, economy, sociology, regional studies, spatial planning, environmental studies, etc.) as well as on the basis of political documents of varied level.
In particular, the Forum 2015 sessions will be built upon the discussions on the following dilemmas and research questions:

  • Vulnerability and resilience of cities/towns
  • Resilience of natural environment to spatial and economic changes.
  • The role of infrastructure in promoting the development and safety in the regions. 
  • Stability of local development vs. regional and European policy.
  • Social transformations vs. instability of development.
  • Public management under varied social and economic conditions.

In attachment You will find "First Circular","Abstract layout" "Registration form".
Please forward this invitation to all people who You think can be interested to participated in this conference.

Yours faithfully,
On behalf of Organizing Committee

/-/ Prof. Marek Degórski (Chair)
/-/ Prof. Tomasz Komornicki (Scientific Secretary)
/-/ Dr. Konrad Czapiewski (Conference Secretary)
/-/ Dr. Piotr Siłka (Conference Secretary)


Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization
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Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization
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