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Macquarie University has just announced another round of PhD scholarships which are available to new candidates commencing in 2015!

The University will have 30 iMQRES (for international) and 20 MQRES (for domestic) available to new commencing PhD candidates only. These candidates must meet our direct PhD admission and scholarship criteria and must be able to commence no later than 15 December 2015.


The Department of Geography and Planning is encouraging potential applicants. It is important that there is a good fit between the research interests of applicants and the Department. Applicants are encouraged to review staff research profiles

http://www.mq.edu.au/about_us/faculties_and_departments/faculty_of_arts/department_of_geography_and_planning/staff/ and contact staff directly about possible research areas. 


International candidates must submit their applications before 30 September 2015.
Domestic candidates must submit their applications before 31 October 2015.


These scholarships will be awarded on first-in basis so please submit your applications as soon as possible.

Successful candidates must commence by 15 December 2015


See http://hdr.mq.edu.au/information_about/Scholarships/schol-opportunities/hdr_scholarships_domestic_and_international for details.

Applications are open now.  Candidates are encouraged to submit their applications via 
eApplication.  Paper-based applications will also be accepted.  Applicants should write “2015 Mid-Year MQRES” under Other scholarships for these scholarship applications. 

If you have any questions or are considering applying for a scholarship in the Department of Geography and Planning, please contact HDR Director Sandie Suchet-Pearson  (sandie.suchet@mq.edu.au) and/or your desired supervisor.

Dr Kristian Ruming
Senior Lecturer
Department of Geography and Planning
Macquarie University, NSW 2109, Australia
T: +61 2 9850 8314 | staff homepage | mq.edu.au

Recent Publications
  • Baker, T. & Ruming, K.J. (2015) “Making ‘Global Sydney’: spatial imaginaries, worlding and strategic plans”, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 39, 1, 62-78. (available here)
  • Ruming, K.J., Gurran, N., Maginn, P.J & Goodman, R. (2014) “A national planning agenda? Unpacking the influence of federal urban policy on state planning reform”, Australian Planner, 52, 2, 108-121. (available here)
  • Ruming, K.J. & Davies, P. (2014) “To what extent ‘an entirely new approach to how planning is done’? Tracing planning system reform in New South Wales”, Australian Planner, 52, 2, 122-131 (available here)
  • Houston, D. & Ruming, K.J. (2014) “Suburban toxicity: a political ecology of asbestos in Australian cities”, Geographical Research, DOI: 10.1111/1745-5871.12075 (available here)
  • Ruming, K. (2014) "Urban consolidation, strategic planning and community opposition in Sydney, Australia: unpacking policy knowledge and public perceptions" Land Use Policy, 39, 254-265. (available here)
  • Ruming, K. (2014) "Social Mix Discourse and Local Resistance to Social Housing: The Case of the Nation Building Economic Stimulus Package, Australia" Urban Policy and Research, 32, 2, 163-183 (available here)
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