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Cartographica - Volume 50, Issue 3, Fall 2015



Eight Islands on Four Maps: The Cartographic Renegotiation of Hawai‘i, 1876–1959

John Wyatt Greenlee


Neglected Treasures: Linking Historical Cartography with Environmental Changes in Java, Indonesia

Martin C. Lukas



Student Collaborative Writing Groups: Mapping Glacial Geomorphology and Glacial Sedimentology

John C. Maclachlan, Rebecca E. Lee


Morphological Interpretations of Glacial Forms by Spatial Analysis in the Area Surrounding Lake Simcoe, Ontario

Victoria R. Balkwill Tweedie, Alicja N. Jazwiec, Taylor P. Johnson, Isabella E. Vitale


Quantifying Eroded Sediment Volume during Drumlin Formation in Simcoe County

Rebecca G. Englert, Rebekah C. Ingram, Lauren I. Madronich, Katie M. Maloney, Kira B. Moor, Kendal C. Rooney, Riley P.M. Mulligan


SketchUp as a Construction Tool for Large-Scale Subsurface Structures: Three-Dimensional Visualization of the Parry Sound Domain, Grenville Province, Ontario

Jacob W.D. Strong


Delineation of Paleowind Direction from Dunes in Simcoe County, Ontario

Kelly K. To, Kristin A. Clements, Sara L. De Thomasis, Alanna G. Smolarz, Christine E.S. van Beest, Mark A. Pollock, Corina R. Zuber, Nicolette D. Francis, Riley P.M. Mulligan


Mapping the Impacts of Iceland's Katla Subglacial Volcano on the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier

Chelsi A. McNeill-Jewer, Jessica Vu, Lauren E. Oldfield, Sara J. Fisher, Mark D. Paddey, Robert J. Anderson


Potential Environmental Effects of Expanding Lake Jökulsárlón in Response to Melting of Breiðamerkurjökull, Iceland

Daniel Canas, Winnie May Chan, Austen Chiu, Logan Jung-Ritchie, Matthew Leung, Logesh Pillay, Brenda Waltham





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