AAG 2016 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California

Session Call for Papers

Session Title: Geographies of diversity and national identity: challenges, transformations and opportunities



This session reports on geographical research on diversity and national identity, and more specifically, the challenges, transformations and opportunities that are arising within contemporary multicultural contexts.  International flows of asylum seekers, Islamophobia, marginalisation of ethnic-minority and Indigenous youth, and racism are just some of the issues that are positioned as challenges of diverse communities. The ways in which communities respond to such issues can, however, provide avenues for transformation and opportunities for positive outcomes. The challenges, transformations and opportunities for diverse communities are deeply geographical—being based in notions of national identity and bounded subjectivities, influenced by spatialised global flows and discourses, and resulting in everyday impacts ‘in place’. Therefore, what are the contemporary geographical insights for the work of diversity management, and what theoretical and empirical contributions can help leverage the opportunities of diversity?



Professor Kevin Dunn (Dean of the School of Social Science and Psychology and Professor in Human Geography and Urban Studies, Western Sydney University)



Ethnic Geography Speciality Group

Geography of Religious and Belief Systems Speciality Group


Contact: Please contact Professor Dunn K.Dunn@westernsydney.edu.au by COB 16 November 2015 if you are interested in submitting an abstract for this session. All session participants must first be registered for the AAG Annual Meeting with abstract submitted by 29 October, 2015.

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