The Globe #78, journal of the Australian and New Zealand Map Society has just been published.

Contents are:


New Light on the Origin of the Tasman-Bonaparte Map

Brian N. Hooker


Maps and Mapmakers of the 1914-18 Official History: A brief overview

Granville Allen Mawer


National Mapping’s Aerodist surveys in Western Australia 1971-74: Horizontal control for the national topographic map series

Laurie MacLean & John Manning                             


Preserving History: Digitising WWII Terrain Studies of the Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA)

Bronwyn Foott & Barbara Wojtkowski                   


Book Reviews                   

- Katy Börner, The Atlas of Knowledge – Anyone Can Map

- Mark Monmonier (ed.), The History of Cartography, v.6: Cartography in the Twentieth Century

- Karl E. Ryavec, A Historical Atlas of Tibet.

- Graeme Lay, The Secret Life of James Cook: a novel

- Graeme Lay, James Cook’s New World: a novel

- Graeme Lay, James Cook’s Lost World: a novel



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