As we approach the beginning of a new teaching year (in this part of the world anyway), some of you may be interested to know that the new, fourth edition of Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography is available from Oxford University Press. The global website for the book is:


There is also a Canadian site for the book at:


And for ordering in Australia/NZ, contact


The contents are set out below, with new chapters in yellow. All other chapters have been revised and updated, sometimes extensively.



Part I "Introducing" Qualitative Research in Human Geography
1: Hilary P.M. Winchester and Matthew W. Rofe: Qualitative Research and Its Place in Human Geography
2: Robyn Dowling: Power, Subjectivity, and Ethics in Qualitative Research
3: Richie Howitt and Stan Stevens: Cross-Cultural Research: Ethics, Methods, and Relationships
4: Jay T. Johnson and Clare Madge: Empowering Methodologies: Feminist and Indigenous Approaches
5: Janice Monk and Richard Bedford: Writing a Compelling Research Proposal
6: Qualitative Research Design and Rigour
7: Jamie Baxter: Case Studies in Qualitative Research
Part II "Doing" Qualitative Research in Human Geography
8: Kevin Dunn: Interviewing
9: Karen George and Elaine Stratford: Oral History and Human Geography
10: Jenny Cameron: Focusing on the Focus Group
11: Michael Roche: Historical Research and Archival Sources
12: Pauline M. McGuirk and Phillip O'Neill: Using Questionnaires in Qualitative Human Geography
13: Jim Craine and Colin Gardner: Visual Methodology
14: Gordon Waitt: Doing Foucauldian Discourse Analysis - Revealing Social Identities
15: Robin A. Kearns: Placing Observation in the Research Toolkit
16: Jamie Winders: New Media
17: Sara Kindon: Empowering Approaches: Participatory Action Research
Part III "Interpreting and Communicating" Qualitative Research
18: Meghan Cope: Organizing and Analyzing Qualitative Data
19: Juliana Mansvelt and Lawrence D. Berg: Writing Qualitative Geographies, Constructing Meaningful Geographical Knowledges
20: Eric Pawson and Dydia DeLyser: Communicating Qualitative Research to Wider Audiences


With kind regards  Iain Hay