CFP: Australian Geographer Special Issue: ‘Historical Geography Down Under’


Dear all,


This is a call for abstracts for a special issue of Australian Geographer on the theme ‘Historical Geography Down Under’. We believe that a special issue on ‘Historical Geography Down Under’ is timely. The sub-discipline has a vibrant and distinct profile overseas, particularly in Britain and North America. However, we perceive a more muted profile in Australia in recent years, despite the impressive development of the sub-discipline by an earlier generation of historical geographers. This special issue is one way to arrest the subdued profile of historical geography in Australia, and demonstrate the vibrancy, impact and significant applications of historical geographical scholarship. Historical geography is a vital area of knowledge and practice that combines historical and geographical perspectives in order to understand the scope and direction of change in Australian environments, societies and cultures. These include economic, environmental, post-colonial, social, cultural, urban and rural transformations. We call for submissions that explore these themes (and more) in relation to historical geography in Australia, or that reflect on the contribution, development and future of historical geography in Australia.


Please send 200 word abstracts to the editors by 28 March 2016.


Many thanks, 

Andrew Gorman-Murray, Alanna Kamp and Scott McKinnon

Urban Research Program, Western Sydney University


PO Box 7916, CANBERRA BC 2610, Australia

CRICOS Provider no. 00098G

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