Call for papers - Cities in a Changing Climate IAG 2016


Australia’s population density is significantly urban and coastal. Predicted climate change in the next century and beyond threatens to change urban life as we know it. Affecting issues as diverse as food, housing and transport, climatic change and associated environmental impacts is likely to affect all the systems that keep our cities functioning. Significant mitigation and adaptation measures will be required to meet these new challenges.  Across our urban regions, both coastal and inland, these challenges will be shaped by geographic specificities but will interact across spatial and institutional boundaries. The challenges will also be felt in systems at local, regional and national levels and require action across these competing governance scales.


As geographers we are well-placed to address key questions relating to the cultural, social, physical and economic impacts of climate change on urban areas, and to offer insights on potential solutions.  This session calls for papers that seek to identify, outline and engage with these issues, both in terms of the threats to urban areas presented by climate change, the possible solutions, and how to implement  these solutions. Possible themes include:


Governance and regulation

Civil action

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Urban and regional planning

Food security

Natural disasters

Hazard and risk management

Environmental security and regulation

Impacts on settlements and infrastructure


Submission: Please submit your abstracts via the conference website and indicate the session for which you wish to be considered, and send a copy to the session organisers as well. Abstract submissions close on 11th March 2016.

Session organisers: Tayanah O’Donnell, University of Canberra, and : Sarah James, Australian National University,



Tayanah O’Donnell

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Canberra Urban and Regional Futures
Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis

University of Canberra

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