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Final (extended) Call for Papers for the IGC in Beijing in August 2016




Dear colleagues,

Please find below the programme of the sessions of the IGU Commission on Political Geography  (CPG) at the 33rd IGC in Beijing  in August 2016

and  the information about the CPG preconference organized by Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

In both cases March 31 is the deadline to submit an abstract.

Kind regards,

Virginie Mamadouh

Takashi Yamazaki

IGU - Commission on Political Geography


The 33rd IGC in Beijing and

the CPG preconference in Guangzhou 2016


The 33rd International Geographical Congress (IGC) will be held in Beijing, China from August 21st to 25th, 2016. The CPG preconference will also be held in Guangzhou prior to the IGC Beijing.


Approved CPG Sessions

The call for session proposals was closed at the end of September. CPG will organize the following 13 session proposals. The summaries of these sessions are downloadable from the Congress website at http://www.igc2016.org/dct/page/70060 The deadline for abstract submission will be March 31 2016. Abstracts can be submitted through the Congress website at http://www.igc2016.org/dct/page/70047 For any information about the Congress, please look at http://www.igc2016.org/dct/page/1 Those who have any questions about CPG sessions can ask CPG Co-chairs (Virginie Mamadouh and/or Takashi Yamazaki). We look forward to seeing as many participants as possible in Beijing.


1.        Sociocultural Encounters in Geography: Borders, Borderlands, Grassroots Non-State Actors and the Southern African Integration Project (proposed by Christopher Changwe Nshimbi and Inocent  Moyo)

2.        The Eurasian Pacific: Geopolitical Moments and Unfulfilled Promise (Sergei Golunov and Akihiro Iwashita)

3.        Scales of Politics and Policies in Latin American Borders (Adriana Dorfman and Alejandro  Benedetti)

4.        Autochthony, Allochthony and Belonging: Migration, Xenophobia and Social  Cohesion in the Southern African Region (Inocent Moyo and Christopher Changwe Nshimbi)

5.        Rethinking Carceral Geography in ‘Harmonised Societies’ (Claudio Minca and Chin-Ee  Ong)

6.        Politics of Environment and People (Anjana Mathur Jagmohan)

7.        The Transformation of Political Space and Prospects for New Governance in the Contemporary Phase of Globalization (Takashi Yamazaki)

8.        A Reexamination of Militarization and “the Space of Occupation”: A Comparison Perspective (Takashi Yamazaki and Rassem Khamaisi)

9.        Changing Geopolitical Imaginations of Asia (Alexander Murphy)

10.    China’s Geopolitical (Re)Positionings in a Changing World (Chih Yuan Woon)

11.    China Looks South: Development, Infrastructure and Culture on the Border with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam (Jussi Laine and Victor Konrad)

12.    Postcolonial Literary Geographies (Patricia Noxolo)

13.    Conversations between Gender and Political Geographies Key Concepts, Methods and Themes (with the Commission on Gender and Geography, Virginie Mamadouh and Marianne Blidon)



15 September, 2015 - 15 May, 2016 for early registration

16 May 2016 - 15 July, 2016 for regular registration

After 15 July, 2016 for late registration


2016 IGU International Geographical Congress „Shaping Our Harmonious Worlds“

Date: 21-25 August, 2016

Organised by: Geographical Society of China and International Geographical Union

Conference Venue: China National Convention Center, Beijing

e-mail: IGC2016@igsnrr.ac.cn

website: http://www.igc2016.org/dct/page/1



CPG Preconference in Guangzhou

Prior to the above-mentioned IGC in Beijing, the CPG preconference will be held on August 17-21 at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China followed by a field trip to the Shenzhen/Hong Kong border region. The title of the preconference is “International Forum on Frontiers of Political Geography” the main objective of which is to promote the “understanding” of political geography in China and narrow the gap in the level of such understanding between the West and the East. The preconference will have three thematic sessions on “East-West Dialogues on Frontiers in Political Geography,” “New Dynamisms of Borders in Asia,” and “Micro Territoriality and Urban Governance.” After the preconference, participants can travel to Beijing by train, which will take about 8 hours. Accommodation and ground transportation will be arranged by the local organizer. The deadline for registration will be March 31, 2016. Those interested should submit an abstract/paper to the local organizer by May 31, 2016. For more information, please visit the preconference website at http://politicalsysu.com/





Check also the website of the IGU CPG   http://www.igu-cpg.unimib.it/  


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