Dear all,

A few news items for IAG members…


1. IAG members are advised that the Annual General Meeting held on Friday 8 April passed the recently circulated proposal to amend the Constitution of the IAG. The AGM also approved the financial statements for 2015. Thanks to all members who attended. There will also be a Special General Meeting held to coincide with the IAG Conference in Adelaide later this year, pls check the conference programme when available for details. Council will also be meeting on the day prior to the conference.


2. IAG members are advised of the call for nominations for the following positions on IAG Council:

At the Special General Meeting in Adelaide at the IAG Conference Assoc Prof Ian Rutherfurd will become President and Professor Steve Turton will become Vice President (Immediate Past President), replacing the current Immediate Past President, Professor Phil McManus.


Ms Rachel Chapman (Postgraduate Member of Council, elected in 2014) and Dr Leah Gibbs (elected in 2014) will retire as Council members, and are both eligible for re-election.


Dr Tom Measham (elected in 2012 and 2014) and Dr Aidan Davison (elected in 2012 and 2014) also retire as Council members and are both ineligible for re-election, having served the maximum two terms.


Dr Robert Gale and Robyn Bartel also retire as Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary respectively. Both are eligible for re-election.


The new position of Honorary Membership Secretary becomes open.


Financial members of the Institute are therefore invited to nominate candidates for the following positions, using the form sent to your email address:


Vice-President (President Elect)

Honorary Treasurer

Honorary Secretary

Honorary Membership Secretary

Two Councillors

One Postgraduate Student Councillor


Elected councillors, including the Postgraduate Councillor, will hold office until the second succeeding General Meeting following their election, which is normally two years. They shall be eligible for immediate re-election as Councillors but with a maximum period of continuous office up to the fourth succeeding General Meeting after their initial election.


The President shall hold office until the second succeeding General Meeting, and shall not be eligible for immediate re-election. The Vice-Presidents shall hold office until the second succeeding General Meeting after their election.


The Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer and the Honorary Membership Secretary shall hold office until the second General Meeting after their election, and shall be eligible for immediate re-election to office.


The closing date for nominations is Monday 9 May 2016.  Nominations must be received in writing, using the form sent to your email address, and should be emailed to 


Should an election be required, ballot papers will be emailed to financial members, who will have until Monday 27 June 2016 to return them by email to the Honorary Secretary, who will be the Returning Officer.


Results will be reported at the Special General Meeting in Adelaide.​

3. IAG members are reminded of the call for postgraduate travel applications for IAG2016 and for IGU2016. Please see  for details. Deadline is Monday 2 May 2016. Please circulate this call as widely as possible.



IAG Honorary Secretary
Institute of Australian Geographers