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Here are some notes from the Heads of Geography Q & A session that was held on Wednesday at the IAG Conference.  These notes have no formal status.  They are observations and a summary of over one and a half hours of lively and helpful discussion about a range of issues relevant to geographers.  Thanks to all those who participated in the discussions.


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Phil McManus
Professor of Urban and Environmental Geography
Head of School of Geosciences
The University of Sydney
email:  phil.mcmanus@sydney.edu.au
phone: 61-2-9351 4242

President - Geographical Society of New South Wales (GSNSW)
Vice President (Immediate Past President) - Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG)

New Book:
Shrestha, K., Ojha, H., McManus, P., Rubbo, A and Dhote, K. (eds.) (2015) Inclusive Urbanization:  Rethinking Policy and Practice in the Age of Climate Change.  Abingdon, Routledge.