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Save the Date: Energy Impacts 2017


July 26-27, 2017 at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, USA


Energy Impacts 2017 is the first North American conference focused on social science research related to the impacts of energy development - with a goal of synthesis, comparison and innovation among established and emerging energy impacts scholars from North America and abroad. 


The pace, scale and intensity of new energy development around the world demands credible and informed research about potential impacts to human communities that host energy developments. While a fast-growing body of research addresses social, economic, and behavioral impacts from large-scale energy development for host communities and landscapes, their discoveries are often isolated by disciplinary and geographic boundaries.


We invite participation from sociologists, geographers, political scientists, public health specialists, economists, anthropologists, practitioners and other interested parties whose work addresses impacts of new energy development for host communities and landscapes.


Call for papers coming soon! Please visit to join a mailing list for future updates, and to add your profile to our growing data base of energy impacts researchers and professionals.



Join the researcher directory! 


If you are a researcher examining the social impacts of any energy development from any social science discipline -- including for example, economics, sociology,  public health, geography, and more -- please join us in our experiment to network your research with others through our Energy Research directory located at

The researcher directory is intended to link and network researchers  across academic disciplines in the areas of energy research and social science. The directory is searchable by name, keyword, energy type, location, discipline and more. 


Creating a profile is quick, easy, and free, and you can divulge as little or as much contact and biographical information as you like. In addition to a summary statement about your work, an link to your faculty page, upload your CV, or upload papers. The directory is new, and your participation and feedback is welcome. 


Please spread the word about the Energy Impacts Symposium and the Researcher Directory. 


Learn more about the Energy Impacts Research Coordination Network at



Energy Impacts Steering Committee: 


Julia Haggerty (Co-Chair) Assistant Professor

       Rural Geography

       Montana State University


Jeffrey Jacquet (Co-Chair), Assistant Professor

       Natural Resource Sociology

       South Dakota State University 


John Adgate, Professor

      Public Health

      University of Colorado


Hilary Boudet, Assistant Professor

      Public Policy

      Oregon State University


Kathryn Brasier, Associate Professor

      Rural Sociology

      Penn State University


Marie-José Fortin, Professor


      Université du Québec


Mike Pasqualetti, Professor


      Arizona State University


Gene Theodori, Professor


      Sam Houston State University


Jeremy Weber, Assistant Professor

      Public and International Affairs,


      University of Pittsburgh



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