What to make Radio and Podcasts about academic ideas?


SoundMinds Radio is looking for a couple of new academic or PhD producers to work with the team to make radio pieces for the second season of the show. You don’t necessarily need radio or audio storytelling experience, just an interest in developing these skills. Send us an email for more information: d.rogers@westernsydney.edu.au


SoundMinds Radio and podcast episodes are 15-minute story-driven pieces that are edited for a general public audience. The focus on the “ideas behind the research” rather than reporting research findings. As an academic producer you will work with a SoundMinds Radio producer to identify interesting researchers, interview them with broadcast quality audio equipment, and script and record the voiceover for the episode.   


The Community Broadcast Foundation funds SoundMinds Radio as a research communication project. It’s a partnership involving academics and community radio partners across Australia. We broadcast nationally on the Community Radio Network and podcast the show on iTunes and via a website. The Conversation in Australia, the London School of Economics podcast series in the UK and others have rebroadcast the show. While the show is not discipline or university specific, we’ve had a strong representation of geographers and geographical ideas to-date. We think geographical content works well for our short radio format. You can listen to some geographically focused episodes here:


A sneaky pre-listen to an episode that is currently in production!

Super-rich and Cities: Coming Soon To A Suburb Near You (on SoundCloud)



Berlin’s Stolpersteine – Remembering In The City (on the website)



What The Antarctic Teaches Us About The Science Of Space Exploration (on the website)



And others here (on the website):



iTunes podcast link:


Dr Dallas Rogers | Urban Studies Lecturer
School of Social Science and Psychology
P: 9685 9774 |  M: 0432 295 605 

"A historical analysis of the geopolitics of real estate with settler-colonialism on the one side and the rise of über-wealthy foreign real estate investors on the other" http://www.rowmaninternational.com/books/the-geopolitics-of-real-estate