Dear Colleagues


Folks in Sydney and surrounds may be interested in the Inaugural Nancy Hillier Memorial Lecture; "The Future of Citizen Participation" – to be held on Wednesday 10 August, at the Parliament of NSW Theatrette, 6 Macquarie St, Sydney, between 6 – 8pm.


Speakers will include:



·         Stan Kondilios, Deputy Mayor City of Botany Bay

·         Johanna Garvin, Lionel Bowen Scholarship Winner

·         Tanya Balakumar, Lionel Bowen Scholarship Winner, UNSW

·         Ron Hoenig MP, Member for Heffron

·         Mehreen Faruqi MLC, Greens NSW

·         with Moderator A/Prof Paul Brown, UNSW

It is no exaggeration to say that Nancy Hillier was a legend in her own lifetime. Her legacy is aptly summarised in the title of her SMH obituary as the “Relentless rebel with many causes”. Moving to Botany at 17, and faced with the inexorable development of the suburb in which she found herself, she became embroiled in what became her life’s work – fighting for justice for local residents, the community and the environment. From extensions to the port of Botany and Sydney airport through to industrial contamination, there was always much to do. A natural organiser, Nancy always led from the front, which did not go unrecognised. Named 1985 Botany Council citizen of the year, she worked tirelessly in her community, often challenging industry and governments at the highest levels. She received a Medal of the Order of Australia in 2006.

The Nancy Hillier Memorial Lecture Series, which is co-sponsored by the School of Humanities and Languages (UNSW) and Botany Council, is designed to acknowledge Nancy’s heritage, recalling her work and passion while providing an avenue for others to debate issues that resonate with Nancy’s work.



Please RSVP to Botany Council on 93663600 or Stephen Healy and see more info at: