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It is a pleasure to circulate this very exciting list of books for review in the journal Emotion, Space and Society ( We welcome and encourage book reviews from scholars at all career stages, including graduate students.


If you are interested in reviewing one of the books listed below, please send me a direct email (  When your role as book reviewer is confirmed, you will be mailed a copy of the book and sent a confirmation email with further submission instructions and dates.


Prior to requesting a book to review, we ask that you please consult the book review guidelines found here:  You can also view recent examples of book reviews in the journal.



Titles for Review


1.     Kristina Spohr and David Reynolds (eds) (2016) Transcending the Cold War: Summits, Statecraft, and the Dissolution of Bipolarity in Europe, 1970–1990, OUP.


2.     Debra Benita Shaw and Maggie Humm (eds) (2016) Radical Space Exploring Politics and Practice, Rowman and Littlefield.


3.     Nataša Gregorič Bon and Jaka Repič (eds) (2016) MOVING PLACES Relations, Return and Belonging, Beghahn Books.


4.     Olaf Kuhlk and Adam m. Pine (eds) (2015) Global Movements: Dance, Place, and Hybridity, Rowman and Littlefield.


5.     Cheryl Rodriguez, Dzodzi Tsikata and Akosua Adomako Ampofo (eds) (2015) Transatlantic Feminisms: Women and Gender Studies in Africa and the Diaspora, Rowman and Littlefield.


6.     Lucy Hovill (2016) Refugees, Conflict and the Search for Belonging, Palgrave MacMillan.


7.     Ann Schillo (ed) (2016) Visual Arts Practice and Affect: Place, Materiality and Embodied Knowing, Rowman and Littlefield.


8.     Stuart price and Ruth Sanz Sabido (eds) (2016) Sites of Protest: Protest, Media and Culture, Rowman and Littlefield.


9.     Richard j. White, Simon Springer and Marcelo lopes de Souza (eds) (2016) The Practice of Freedom: Anarchism, Geography, and the Spirit of Revolt, Rowman and Littlefield.


10.  Euyong Hong, (2016) The Spatial Politics of the Sculptural: Art, Capitalism and the Urban Space, Rowman and Littlefield.


11.  Jopi Nyman, Nora Schuurman (2016) Affect, Space and Animals, Routledge.


12.  Rachael Dwyer, Ian Davis, Elke Emerald (eds) (2016) Narrative Research in Practice: Stories from the field, Springer.


13.  Manuel DeLande (2016) Assemblage Theory, Edinburgh University Press.


14.  Divya P. Tolia-Kelly, Emma Waterton, Steve Watson (eds) (2016) Heritage, Affect and Emotion: Politics, practices and infrastructures, Routledge.


15.  Meir Dan-Cohen (2016) Normative Subjects: Self and Collectivity in Morality and Law, OUP.


16.  Martin Pogacar (2016) Media Archaeologies, Micro-Archives and Storytelling Re-presencing the Past, Palgrave Macmillan.


17.  Jonas Frykman and Maja Povrzanovic Frykman (eds) (2016) Sensitive Objects: Affect and Material Culture, Nordic Academic Press.


18.  Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman (2015) The Color of Love: Racial Features, Stigma & Socialization in Black Brazilian Families, University of Texas Press.


19.  Johan Schimanski and Stephen F. Wolfe (ed) (2016) BORDER AESTHETICS: Concepts and Intersections, Berghahn Books.


20.  Hiro Saito (2016) The History Problem The Politics of War Commemoration in East Asia, University of Hawaii Press.


21.  Dan Bullet (2016) Migration, Ethics and Power: Spaces of Hospitality in International Politics, Berghahn Books.



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