Globe 80, journal of the Australian and New Zealand Map Society (, was published at the end of October.


The contents of issue 80 are:



  Heart-Shaped Worlds: Cordiform Maps in the context of Early Modern Europe /   Ruth Watson                               


  George Hore’s Gallipoli Experience: A Light Horseman’s record of the Gallipoli Campaign – the ‘Anzac Panorama’ and its background. /   Stuart Braga       


   Dinnings Land: A Case of Mistranscription? /   Jan Tent                


  Charting the Sealing Islands of the Southern Ocean /   Michael Pearson                               



  Australia’s Convict Explorers and Landscape Artists /  Frank Urban                         


Notes and news                              

  Conference Notes

  Map Librarian Finds 1966 Crash Site

  New E-Deposit service at the National Library of Australia

  Odd Spot: Murine cartomancy


Obituary :        Glenys Dawn McIver                     



  National Library Board (Singapore),  Visualising Space: maps of Singapore and the region.

  Edward Duyker,  Dumont d’Urville, Explorer and Polymath.

  J. Stadler et al.,  Imagined Landscapes: Geovisualizing Australian Spatial Narratives.

  G. Allen Mawer (ed.), A voyage to New Holland … by Captain James Colnett

  J. Fornasiero, et al. (eds),  The Art of Science: Nicolas Baudin’s Voyagers 1800 – 1804.

  Martin Woods,  Where are Our Boys? How newsmaps won the Great War.

  A. Riganti, et al.,  Mapping Western Australia: State geological maps 1894-2015.

  Peter Whitfield,  Mapping Shakespeare’s World.





Brendan Whyte