Apologies for x-postings, all welcome to this event if you're in Melbourne.

Living in the age of rage
January 18 2017, 4 - 6pm
The Lincoln hotel
91 Cardigan St, Carlton

If the 'post-truth' moment in which we find ourselves is now the new normal, then it seems to have been born of rage. As Christos Tsiolkas recently observed so eloquently in The Monthly, rage is not only festering but screeching across the political spectrum of whatever left and right used to be: "everyone is so fucking angry". And we're angry, Tsiolkas suggests, in a way that means we can barely hear each other much less listen, cast as "morality disguised as politics...in language redolent of sin and shaming, certainty and righteousness". Yet at the same time it's clear that 'consensus' politics, if such a thing ever actually existed, was stultifying in its mediocrity and liberal privilege. As an antidote to that, rage doesn't seem such a bad one, as many critical thinkers have suggested. How, then, are we to live in the age of rage productively? What kind of a politics does rage proffer or shut down, inspire or shame? Is rage helpful for broad agendas of social and ecological justice? For creating meaningful livelihoods, work that's sustaining and fulfilling? For reorganising social goods and services in the service of those most in need? 

Our purpose in this event is to open a space for conversation which allows us to speak together about this global moment. In doing so, we refuse to capitulate - not to the conceit of consensus or the heat of righteousness. The people organising this event are all based at the Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University with the Critical Urban Governance Program http://cur.org.au/research-programs/critical-urban-governance/

We stand in solidarity with, and inspired by, the Teach.Organize.Resist J18 movement emerging out of the US: http://teachorganizeresist.net/  

Come and join us for conversation, debate, solidarity. 


Associate Professor and VC's Principal Research Fellow
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RMIT University
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I respectfully acknowledge the Elders past, present and future of the Kulin Nations, on whose stolen lands I live and work. 

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