More on-campus concerns about disappearing US data...

>From a university librarian in Colorado...

"I am trying to put together a libguide that will give advice to researchers here on campus.  I am struggling with how to tell them to copy any federal government data on the web that might be important to their research.  I am trying not to sound too alarmist, but daily reports tell us about federal data sites that have been trimmed or taken down entirely.

I was spurred on by a visit from a former student worker of mine.  I told her to copy the data she needed from the USGS site.  She wondered why anyone would want to shut down something about seismic activity.  Oklahoma comes to mind.

<...> There are libguides out there regarding backing up your data, but this topic is a little different.

Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated."

A worrying envelopment, but the advise is good for any number of reasons: record your data immediately; don't necessarily expect it to be there the next day.

Brendan Whyte